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For the finest taxidermy services in Alaska and beyond, trust Tundra Tanning & Taxidermy. Family-owned and –operated since 2002, we offer a broad range of taxidermy services, including life-size mounts, head mounts, shoulder mounts, European mounts, and more. We welcome both big and small game, as well as exotic animals. Our specialties are bears and bear rugs!

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Expert Taxidermy & Trophy Mounts in Wasilla, AK

There’s no better way to immortalize your hunting trophy than to turn it into a beautiful and realistic mount. From small game life-size mounts, to head and shoulder mounts for big game and exotic animals, Tundra Tanning & Taxidermy is here to turn your prized achievement into a trophy that will make you proud for decades to come. As experts on taxidermy in Wasilla, AK, we take pride in our craft and work to turn any hide we’re given into something truly stunning. We work with animals big and small, and can work to produce a wide range of trophy types, depending on your animal.Every taxidermist in Wasilla, AK has their specialty—ours is bears. We have extensive experience and specialize in black bears, brown bear mounts, and grizzlies. Our true passion is bear rugs and we’re known nationwide for our beautiful work. We try to set the gold standard for bear rugs and as a result, we get requests from hunters nationwide for our unique, one-of-a-kind rugs. So, whether you’ve got a bear or a bison, a deer or a duck, if you want to turn it into a trophy, Tundra Tanning & Taxidermy is ready to help!

  • Our in-house tannery allows us to turn around projects much quicker than other taxidermists!
  • We have decades of professional experience.
  • Our business is family-owned and –operated in Wasilla, AK.
  • We specialize in bear mounts and bear rugs, European mounts, as well as bear skull bleaching, and antler plaques.
  • We offer airport pickup for cargo in Anchorage, AK.

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If you’ve bagged the catch of a lifetime, turn it into a trophy that you and your family will be able to appreciate for generations. Get in touch with us today to discuss taxidermy rates and turnaround times.

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We provide our superior taxidermy services to Wasilla, AK, the entire state of Alaska, and the surrounding areas, including: